FatMan Eats

Well, as it says these are places I like to eat…. and food I like….

Cammack Station
9200 W Jackson St
Muncie, IN, 47304
(765) 759-3871

I had a fried bologna sandwich that was great.. th place is just beautiful…

Cammack Station front view

I have been thinking about going to Red lobster for the 3 shrimp meal.
I am going this afternoon and will let you now if I m still in love or not…..
they have a New! Mariner’s Feast that looks great… who knows whayt I will have?

Update 3.19.22 on the Texas Roadhouse Muncie
I didn’t see the sign but I think they changed the name to
the Texas Roadhouse and Concert Hall
the music was so loud I had to yell at my waitress to give her my order!
Why do we go to restaurants?
1. For the food  2. For the service  3. To have conversations with your friends or business clients
Way, way down the list is for the music. Never in my life or the lives of my friend have I ever heard let’s go to ABC to eat so I can hear the loud music..
I will not recommend this restaurant if you want to talk to someone… definitely not for a 1st date when you want to talk to the person…
Also, very bad place to take business clients
I think the 1st thing they teach you in business school is: Make you clients as uncomfortable as possible! Great business concept!
I spend an average of $400+ a month eating out and they will not be getting much of that if any… Loud music is how amatures, no talented musicians think it make music better… of course that is BULLSHIT!

Thai Kitchen
Thai Kitchen
1424 Walnut St. Muncie 47302
(765) 288-4786
I had stuffed Chicken Wings & a great chicken dish…
People were great and good food.

Tuppee Tong Thai
310 W Main St. Muncie 47305
(765) 284-3101
Sorry I don’t have a photo..
But I had a great Yellow Curry Chicken
Everything that came out looked great!


12 Street Cafe

**NEW Name: Sam’s Diner on 12th Street
1900 S Mock Ave, Muncie, IN 47302
(Facing Memorial)
(765) 286-1901

Well, the 12 Street Café is my local breakfast joint…
The girls are great, the food is likely not healthy but taste very good..
And I have met a few great people that were eating there….


Amazing Joe's Restaurant
909 North Wheeling Ave, Muncie, IN 47303
Well, I have fallen in love about 100 times with the waitresses… but.. that’s a story for another time…..
I love the ribs…. I had a friend visit for Colorado and all he talked about was the local rib joint…
that was until he had the ribs at Amazing Joe’s.. never heard about the local rib joint again….

Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse
200 W. McGalliard Road
Muncie, IN 47303
(765) 282-7113
I love the Chicken with Portabello Mushrooms…
Cesar Salad, Baked Patio with everything..
I think I am going now…..

Olive Garden muncie Indiana
Olive Garden Muncie
304 W. McGalliard Rd.
Muncie, IN 47303
(765) 287-0450
I like the Olive Garden…
One of the great things is you can buy up to 5 take home frozen entrees…
Eat great for 5 dinners at a very fair peice!

Good Neighbor Restaurant3701 Cahuenga Blvd. Studio City, CA
Current hours of operation are: 8am-2pm• Tue-Sun • Closed Mondays • (818) 761-4627

When you visit Universal Studios you should stop by the Good Neighbor
Great People & Food
Bette & Rick Nowinshi
My very good friends Bette & Rick are the owners…
I have eaten there for over 30 years… I highly recomment the Good Neighbor

1266 Sartori Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 782-0222

RTed Car Wood Oven
Red Car Wood Oven
My friend Mike & I have spent many hours eating here..
Mike likes the fried picckles….
Again, the People & Food are great!
Laurie & Bob owners
Bob & Laurie Brandt are the owners
P.S. She is from Indiana