I can always count on my Friends… to be there… when they need me! (Choose KMK or Humor)


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KMK10 – Kool Man Kool is my Beatnik guy… if you are old enough to remember Beatniks and like the way they talked then this is good for you
H25 – Is for the younger people that may just like what the T-Sirts says … because we all know it is true…..
If my friends didn’t need something from me … I doubt I would ever hear from them…. In my old age I am now trying to call my friends just to say HI and see how they are doing…. looking for nothing else…..

You will see this saying on several different T-Shirt designs…. Why you ask?  Well it is very good I say!
People all have different taste so I just wanted to give you many options….
Maybe you don’t like Beatniks!

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H25, KMK10