I truly don’t know why people do not want to wear mask? 99.99% of the people of the world look better with one! S4


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Story: Wearing a mask is not for you but the safety friends and people around you… Show the people you come in contact with that you care about them and not just yourself!  Must a friend or family member die for us to understand the seriousness of this Covid problem…Well, even if you believe the many hundreds of thousand Americans did not die from Covid… and it was just a lie…. Keep in mind you could be wrong…. I am at best an Agnostic … but just in case I am wrong I ask GOD for forgiveness every night before I go to sleep… Again, I could be wrong!

*I am not good looking and likely would be called ugly.. I welcome the mask not only for health sake but to cover up God’s little joke on me….

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