“America the Beautiful” Let’s try to keep it that way! S7


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We see the litter, graffiti and old cars in driveways… it does not take much to put your trash in  trash can, to pick some litter left by an a _ _ hole… If we each do something to help keep America Beautiful then it will be…

I am 77 years old and I have seen many changes in the US over my lifetime…. Curtsey seems to be gone, caring about others seems to be gone… we had the “me” generation where everyone was told they were important… now we have the “I am the center of the universe generation” where everyone thinks they are the most important person on the planet…. Well, there have been on earth so far… around 117 Billion … so, we know just how important we really are…. We do not have much importance to the reality of thinks…. So, let’s try to be kind to others, do what we can to enjoy our days and in general be a better person…

*This major change in our understanding of human existence spurred new calculations and consultations with experts, resulting in an estimate that about 117 billion members of our species have ever been born on Earth.


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