BullShit is spoken much more… than the truth! H24


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We are insulted day by day by advertisers and our government insulting our intelligence… There is no truth in advertising any more… no one is really looking out for our best interest….
“We want to help you my A _ _!”

it is know if you speak BullShit enough the people will start to think of it as the truth….

It is like seeing something written down… just because it is written down in no way makes it the truth!

The “Invest with us for your future” they’re the only ones with a very good future by charging us and that is with no guarantee…
“This is the number 1 product in the US” what  load of crap…. But the average person buys into all the BullShit…..

I really noticed this in the music business that I have been in for now over 50 years plus… people seem to want to hear about things that will make them play better without work… a new style reed… but these things do not work….. the truth is the only thing that will make you get better is good practice!

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