JAZZ I’m coming for you! M44


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Why do I think the Grim Reaper is coming for Jazz….. Well, is seems to be fairly simple and here are a few of the reasons I have for these beliefs….

The modern Jazz musician is not truly concerned about the music… They are what I call “The look at what I can do Jazz musicians” they play licks they have learned (and they are very good at that) and they seem to use every lick they have learned in every moment they play…. I rarely hear a magic moment in the paying of the modern Jazz musician…. Jazz is about improvisation, developing a style of the Artist own, creating memorable solos… and of course we must remember that the Jazz solo is a composition…. A creation of melodies not just playing licks….

I have been very lucky to have known many of the world’s great musicians over the years (most of the woodwind & brass players) and the great improvisors play great melodies in their solos…. There were magic moments in the solos of Cannonball, Trane, Konitz and of course one of the great creators melodies in solos Paul Desmond.  When you listen to Miles Davis the melodies are just wonderful, Clark Terry, Chet Baker and the list is long…. This approach to jazz seems to have been lost in the scale education of the modern Jazz musician…..  Great solos are great melodies!  It is just that simple.

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