Proud to be a US Veteran


Proud to be a U.S. veteran.
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Proud to be a US Veteran
I was in the Army from 1963 to 1966.. Now, I am not saying I was a good soldier but I was in the ARMY and made specialist E5… My father was a retired Master Sargent… and at the time all men were getting drafted.. So, I volunteered for the draft right after high school.. I was stationed in Washington DC when president Kennedy was shot…
I am from Lawton Oklahoma next to Fort Sill (Fort Sill is my birth place) so most of my friends when I was young were from Army families. Many of them joined the Army during Vietnam and many did not return…. I lost several friends during Vietnam… I respect service men and women and know what sacrifices many of them made…. It is important not to forget them…

Veterans and heroes come in all sizes, shapes, races and physical appearance. As Americans we owe them as much support as we can give them. If you have a job available consider a Veteran.
They gave for us we can give a little for them.
Proud to be a US Veteran

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