I know too many musicians to enjoy music! M9


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I have met musicians from every class and style of music….  the biggest lesson I have learned is not to meet the musicians you like the way they play….

Now, I have been very lucky with the musicians I have met….. 99.99% of them are great people… many became very good friends…

But, and there is always a but…. Talent does not always go to good people… there are assholes that when they play they can almost stop your heart…. But they are not good people…..

I went to  concert with a very famous musician (I will use no names) and a friend of mine at the time was playing with him…. So, on the break I went back stage to say hi to my friend…. The first thing out of his mouth is the group sounds like shit tonight… the drummer is off, the leader is off…. So, I said do you really like playing…..  I thought the group sounded great…. Shows you what I know…..

So, this shirt came to mind…..

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