Just because it is written down or spoken… in no way… makes it the truth!


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Blind Faith
We must decide for ourselves what the truth is or the people we follow… and we must know that everything a person is not always the truth or necessarily correct.
EXAMPLE: I am not having an affair with your best friend… So, we should just say ok and let it slide….
I did not have sexual relations with that woman… must be the truth because he said it….

Again, Just because it is written down or sopken in no wy makes it the truth!

The internet is a wonderful thing.. I love it and use it all the time…. But.. it is complete with a lot of Bullshit…. Anyone can say anything they want and say it is the Truth…. “I am the next King of America“…. just what are the chances this is true….. If it is true…  let me know… I could fix a lot of things….

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